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Lighting and Power

As a company, we offer a wide range of energy efficient products which help our customers to keep their energy costs low while at the same time helping to reducing their carbon footprint. JC Electrical use the most practical approach to lighting and power solutions, which take all aspects of any change into account to ensure that it is completed as cost effectively as possible and with the very best results.

We offer a wide range of lighting products from halogen, fluorescent and metal halide lights through to the more cost efficient LED options. LED Lighting solutions are guaranteed to save you time and money. Whether it’s to reduce costs through lower energy bills, or to save on maintenance and replacement costs, we can provide the best and most long lasting solution.

  • Domestic Lighting
  • Outdoor and Garden
  • Additional sockets and light fittings
  • ELV (Extra low voltage)
  • Full or partial rewires

Fuse Boards

A faulty or outdated fuse board could make your home or business unsafe. This is because fuse boards and fuse boxes can get overloaded and require updates. What's more, the existing earthing devices may be obsolete and need to be replaced. As a result, upgrading your fuse board or fuse box could ensure that it has the capacity to meet your electrical needs and that its wiring is in line with today's health and safety standards. This could significantly improve the safety of your home or business and provide you with valuable peace of mind.

  • Fuse Board Upgrades
  • Rewires - full or partial
  • Wiring telephone sockets
  • Work completed to highest standards

Testing and Fault Finding

The majority of installations in domestic properties have at some time had alterations made. Depending on the quality of the work, the amount of time passsed since the alterations and the regulations that were in place at the time, your property could need urgent work to bring it up to todays safe standards.

We have all the testing equipment necessary which helps us find and diagnose faults quickly and efficiently to keep the cost of the job down. Using calibrated test equipment we can diagnose faults in a wide range of electrical installations.

  • Testing and Inspection
  • Fault Finding
  • PAT Testing
  • Electical condition reports
  • Observations & Recommendations

Approved Contactor

Be confident with our standards of work with Part P Approved Contractors.
City and Guilds Certification is proof we have the skills to do the job.


JC Electrical
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